About Julie K. About herself and such Walker

Julie is an editor by day, and an award-winning* grumpy scifi/fantasy and fiction writer by night. After attempting a variety of academic directions, including medicine and philosophy, she eventually finished university degrees in Anthropology and English Literature, and then made the obvious choice to just keep writing.
Before that, she worked as an orchestra violist, a barista, a paramedic, a clothes packer, a receptionist, and very briefly as a theater director’s assistant. This was purely for good writing research, of course.
Julie lives in a big city with whom she has a complicated love-hate relationship. She shares her little apartment with two aging cats, one disproportionately excited puppy, a host of disgruntled plants, and a looming sense of anxiety.
She collects typewriters, science fiction books, teas, pets, hobbies, and moons. When not writing, you will find her in the park with said puppy, saying rude things to games on Twitch, or buried in a book.

*The award was received almost 30 years ago, for a poem about an octopus who kept miscounting his own legs. The award was a lovely green semi-precious stone, and a jar of what Julie thought for years was actual octopus ink.